CND Vinylux Weekly Polish - New Formulas/Shades 15ml

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Forget nail polish as you know it - this is the next generation in flawless finish!


Discover CND VINYLUX™ Nail Polish. Where ordinary nail polish wears off and deteriorates over time, CND VINYLUX™ Nail Polish dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips and scuffs over time. Enjoy week long, chip free, flawless nails without a UV lamp or a visit to the salon --the results will astound you!


CND VINYLUX™ Nail Polish and CND VINYLUX™ Top Coat are designed to work together to give you long-lasting wear. CND's ProLight technology actually ensures your polish is strengthened with exposure to natural light. Pretty incredible, right!?


Seven days with no chips and a flawless finish all achievable at home? We'll take a handful! With 62 shades to choose from, there's a CND VINYLUX™ Nail Polish to tickle your fancy.



1. Start with clean dry nails.

2. Apply two thin coats of CND VINYLUX™ Polish.

3. Finish with one coat of CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Top Coat.


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