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1 Ply Napkins (30cmx30cm)

$4.99 CARTON PRICE (6) 1Ply Napkins, 500 per pack (300mm x 300mm). Extra Strength, Extra Thickness, Extra Soft.


18L Small Tidy Bags

$1.95 CARTON PRICE (20) 18Litre Small White Tidy Bags (54cm x 45cm) Rolls of 50

Model: 125
2 Column Appointment Book - 15 Mins

Model: STAT3

2 Ply Napkins (35cmx35cm)

$2.20 CARTON PRICE (16) 2ply Napkins 125 per pack (310mm x 310mm)


27L Medium Tidy Bags

$2.20 CARTON PRICE (20) 27Ltr Medium White Tidy Bags (61cm x 51cm) Rolls of 50

Model: 109
3-Way Satin Buff Regular - 10pk

3 Way Satin Buff Regular: 147mm length x 16mm wide x 3 mm thick. One Side Grey, One sided white/grey split Pack of 10 370z

Model: 370

36L Large Tidy Bags

$2.45 CARTON PRICE (20) 36Ltr Large Tidy Bags (66cm x 58cm) Roll of 50

Model: 111
4 Column Appointment Book - 15 Mins

Model: STAT4

55L Garbage Bags

$5.00 CARTON PRICE (5) 55 Ltr Black Garbage Bags. Pack of 50

Model: 167
6 Column Appointment Book - 15 Mins

Model: STAT5