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Anna Lotan BB Cream 30ml


Anna Lotan – Premium BB Cream offers long lasting coverage, protection and wrinkle relaxing effect.

– Concentrated formula.

– Applied in the morning, lasts all day.

– Formulated as a W/O emulsion that naturally repels water. However, care should be taken when regularly used on skin with enlarged pores!

– Excellent spreading and adherence on the skin, offering optimal coverage for discolorations – including under eye dark circles! (for all skin types).

– A targeted combination of the amino-acid Proline and Palm oil enhances skin penetration and provides a “plumping” anti-wrinkle effect, making it ideal for dry, mature skin.

– Enriched with emollient oils that smooth the skin and prevent the typical accentuation of fine lines common with many concealing makeup products.

– Premium BB Cream, combines concealing opacity with a light translucent veil which becomes apparent once the cream is fully absorbed. This veil allows your natural skin tone to shine through.

Use sparingly, carefully spread the cream with fingertip massage to form an even layer on face, under eye area or wherever required until a smooth, even coverage is obtained



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