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Skin O2 LED + RF Wrinkle Eraser


Wrinkle Eraser Pen uses both LED & RF technology

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This slimline wrinkle wand imparts a youthful glow while rejuvenating the delicate eye, face & neck areas to help erase away the lines of time. Electronic beauty device delivering dual treatment of intensive pulsed RED LED light combined with radiofrequency dermal collagen induction therapy. For face, neck, décolletage & eye rejuvenation.
Clinically proven Red LED light rays energise and renew skin cells ( 625nm wavelength ). Radiofrequency to tighten skin & improve skin elasticity by the wave of deep dermal heat therapy. Clinically proven technology to help contract collagen to help firm skin, as well as to stimulate collagen & fibroblast production for a more youthful complexion.

Key Benefits

Red LED Light (at the correct wavelength 625nm) clincally proven to stimulate the fibroblast & collagen production.

• Radio-frequency (at 55-50 degrees) causes the collagen fibres of the skin to contract, and also stimulates new collagen production (firms and plumps).

• Helps to reduce dark circles & firm lax skin.

• Boost skin elasticity, plumpness and volume.

• Induces rapid skin repair & regeneration.

• Plumps skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How To Use

Please read the user manual before first use.  Do not use for any other purpose than stated in the manual. Do not use if you have any contraindications as stated in the maual & website product decription.

Step 1: Cleanse the skin to remove all makeup then pat dry.

Step 2: Apply SkinO2 Derma Fill Gel to the area you wish to treat.

Step 3: Place the device directly onto a wrinkle or fine line, gently touching the skin.

Step 4: Slowly move the device along the skin.

Step 5: Close the eyes while treating the under the delicate eye area.

Step 6: Move the device to the next area of concern and repeat.

You will feel a soothing radiating warmth deep within the skin

Frequency of use: Daily, or weekly as preferred. Miniumum monthly maintenance. Fully recharge the device every 2 months to extend battery life.

WARNING: Keep charger and USB cable dry and away from water at all times. Never immerse device or charger in water, use in wet area or near heat/flames. The radio waves generated by radio frequency will continue to heat the dermis layers of the skin promoting collagen re-formation to improve skin firmness. Please continue to move the device while the massage probe touches the skin. Do not stay in the same area of the skin to avoid burns.

Never leave the device in the one same spot on the skin as this will induce too much heat in the one spot and can burn the skin. Always Keep moving the device across the skin. This device is for home use only, not for commercial use.



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