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Wahl Balding Clipper – Burgundy


The Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper allows for full head balding and tight fades. Features a super-charged motor for extra power. Zero-overlap and fine-tooth surgical blades for super close-cutting.



Wahl Balding clipper is a reliable hair cutting tool made from quality materials. The clipper is rustproof and chrome plated to ensure durability. The clipper is ideal for clean shaves as it ensures zero overlaps, allowing you to get that extra close and crisp cutting.

Designed with long-term use in mind, the Wahl balding clipper has a smooth, silky design that ensures you handle the clippers for a long time without straining your wrist. It features a powerful motor that provides enough power for premium performance. The clipper is free from lag times and breaks that interrupt your shaves and cuts.

Wahl super taper clippers are not best for general clipper cutting and shaving as it comes with a design to help you get the best out of each bald shavings. The clipper is best used alone and not with a guide comb

You can easily remove and clean the blades after each use to keep the clippers in premium condition. The cord is long enough to allow you to move it around when in use easily.

Key Features

  • Wahl Balding Clipper for Professional barbers is made from premium quality materials
  • Chrome plated to ensure rust proof and durability
  • Long cords for easy movement when using the clippers
  • The product is free from break-ups and lag time that would slow down the user
  • Designed for effective cutting and shaving
  • Decent 1 year warranty to protect against manufacturers defect