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Gelish Soft Gel Tip Adhesive 15ml


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  • THICK VISCOSITY for perfect control during application and great durability during wear
  • GELISH® FOUNDATION inspired product, giving you the best adhesion in the industry
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION brush on or jar to suit any application preference
  • MULTIPLE USE used for adhering the Gelish® Soft Gel Tips and can also be used to perform a Gelish® Soft Gel infill if desired

Gelish® Touch LED Light – 5 Second Flash Cure
Gelish® 18G Plus LED Light – 60 Second Full Cure

For Use

Gelish® Soft Gel Tip Adhesive is a thick viscosity gel product designed to give you ultimate control and coverage during application. As well as giving you industry leading adhesion due to the Gelish® Foundation based technology, this thick viscosity will also add a ‘cushioning’ action to your bond improving durability, flexibility, and longevity to ensure a full 21 day wear with no lifting, peeling or separation.


GELISH® SOFT GEL TIP APPLICATION Apply a liberal amount of Gelish® Soft Gel Tip Adhesive to the underside contact area of the Gelish® Soft Gel Tip. Place the Gelish® Soft Gel Tip onto the nail using a rolling motion for bubble-free application. Start firmly from the cuticle area with constant pressure to the free edge. Ensure a close fit side to side completely covering the nail grooves. If air bubbles are present remove and reapply with more product if needed. Flash cure for 5 seconds with the Gelish® Touch Led Light, holding the Gelish® Soft Gel Tip in place to maintain the seal. Cure all five fingers for 60 seconds in a Gelish® 18G Plus Led Light.

GELISH® SOFT GEL TIP INFILL APPLICATION Perform your maintenance preparation as usual, up to and including Ph BOND application. Apply Gelish® Soft Gel Tip Primer to the natural nail. Using Gelish® Soft Gel Tip Adhesive, apply a thin layer to the entire nail, do not cure, this will act as our slick/base layer. Apply a small bead of Gelish® Soft Gel Tip Adhesive just below the cuticle area and gently move into place, filling your growth area and re-establishing your arch location. Cure all for 60 seconds in a Gelish® 18G Plus Led Light. Remove the inhibition layer using Nail Surface Cleanse and a Wipe It Off lint free wipe. Finish your nail as desired.