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Anna Lotan Golden Day Cream


An emollient, emulsifier free Day Cream.

Anna Lotan – Liquid Gold Golden Day Cream softens, enriches and gently pampers delicate normal to dry skin.

Leaves skin silky soft and moisturized.

Increases the moisture retention ability of dry skin.

Long term stability of this formula is achieved by using a three dimensional configuration that separates the oil droplets from the gel globules (rather than using a traditional emulsifying system), thus overcoming the typical dry after-feel of emulsifier based moisturizers.

Premium emollients such as Jojoba seed oil, triglycerides, squalane and Sea buckthorn oil leave skin silky soft and moisturized.

Polysaccharides (pentavitin and xylitol derivatives) increase the moisture retention ability of dry skin.

A synergic blend of vitamin E and vitamin A derivative provides antioxidant activity to protect the essential fatty acids and other vegetable oils from free radicals.

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