Lycon Hot Wax - LYCOdream Hybrid Wax 500gm

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New LYCOdream hybrid wax

This revolutionary wax is a precise balance between Lycon's legendary traditional hot wax and LYCOtec film wax, offering the best of both worlds.

LYCOdream Hybrid Wax is formulated with Titanium Dioxide and Micro Mica for superior skin protection and Argan Oil, Amica and Aloe Vera which leaves skin feeling soft, nurtured and comfortable.

  • Drip-less, vibrant pink formula
  • Applies super thinly and sets fast
  • A dream for novices and professionals alike
  • Can be re-applied 5-6 times without discomfort
  • Removes hair as short as 1mm
  • Super pliable and does not break on removal

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